Men Listen Up: Ladies Hate These Facial Hair Styles

Men Listen Up: Ladies Hate These Facial Hair Styles

Beards for men are like hair dye or makeup for women. They can change their style up easily and try different variations that best suits their mood. ]

However, there are certain beard styles that no matter how much you men like them or think they look good, us women absolutely hate! So let's break it down for ya and tell you a bit about those beard styles you should stay away from if you're grooming to impress.

Toothbrush Stache

The toothbrush stache sits just below your nose, enough to make you sneeze 24/7. Plus, do the ladies want to be reminded of Charlie Chaplin, or even better (we're being sarcastic here), Adolf Hitler, every time they look at you?

Imperial Mustache

Dear old Mel Gibson has rocked the imperial mustache before, and that's reason number one why the ladies hate it. I can just hear his DUI voice recording playing in my head as I stare at that 'stache. 

Doesn't it remind you of a scooter? You've got the handle bars at the top and a board at the bottom so that you can kick push your way up into that nose.

Soul Patch

Oh, the soul patch. The ultimate fear of commitment. Do you really think that tiny little patch of hair proves you're a man and not a boy? 

This just looks like your trimmer died on you, or you simply missed a spot.

Handlebar Mustache

The handlebar is an old time look that has become "popular" again amongst the hipsters. Take it from a lady, you're lying to yourself if you think it's cool. While you may think that getting to the point where you actually get to curl your stache is a breakthrough, think again.

Fu Manchu

Hulk Hogan has rocked the Fu Manchu for years. We'll let him get away with that because we're pretty sure he's never turning back. 

But as for any other guy that might be out there looking to impress the ladies, you should look for a better look, Brother. Your life isn't Hulkmania or a motorcycle gang riding down the highway. 

Side Burns

Elvis pulled this look off many years ago, but we're in a new age now. Just face it, you could never replicate the King of Rock and Roll. Besides, it just makes you look like you are in desperate need of a trip to the barber.

Anchor Beard

Coined the term, "anchor beard" because, well... it looks like an anchor. Something about this look just isn't trusting. Not in a creepy sort of way, but in a way where this kind of guy will make up a number of lies just to seem like he's the cool guy that has everything, just to get in your pants.

Chinstrap Beard

The chinstrap beard is straight out of a 90's boy band. A.J. from Backstreet Boys, anyone? Plus, this look just seems like you let your little sister or niece use a marker and trace your face.

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