Here's The Difference Between BB, CC And DD Creams. You're Welcome!

Here's The Difference Between BB, CC And DD Creams. You're Welcome!

You're out getting some new makeup and you come across a number of different options in foundation. You could go for the tinted moisturizer, a matte finish, or opt for one of the creams with BB, CC, or DD. If only you knew what each of these stood for! With all of these options, how are you supposed to know which one is best for your skin and what you need? We're here to break it down and tell you what these BB, CC, and DD creams actually are.

BB Cream

BB creams hadn't become popular until a few years ago when it hit the US. Lucky for us, it's here now and improving skin everyday. BB creams provide your skin coverage with protectants such as SPF and antioxidants. But, you must be aware that it usually provides light to medium coverage, so don't just count on that if you're going to be spending all day in the sun.

As for a makeup product, it evens out your skin tone while moisturizing and smoothing your skin. This product is perfect for clear and good skin that simply needs a little pick me up.

CC Cream

CC cream is very similar to BB cream, except for a few differences that just may make you choose one over the other. CC cream basically stands for "color correcting" as it's meant to cover redness or sallowness. 

Also, CC cream tends to be a lighter texture so that it feels airy on your skin compared to the BB cream which is a thicker and heavier texture. Although CC cream has an airier feel, it does provide more coverage.

CC cream is great for people with problematic skin. Acne prone, redness, discoloration, or oily skin can all use CC cream and find great coverage. 

DD Cream

DD cream is kind of a "do-all" cream. It combines the uses of BB and CC creams into one. DD creams are great to disguise and diminish while providing protection for your skin all day long.

DD cream provides sun protection with SPF and anti-aging supplements. With this you will see that the DD cream can firm and brighten your skin while it evens your skin tone, decreases the appearance of pores and fine lines, and soothes blemishes. You'll see that your skin feels more vibrants and hydrated for the entire day.

This is a great product if you are looking for a daily defense coverup. 

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